Help Make Senior Pets’ Dreams Come True!

We are excited to introduce a brand new program at Fearless Kitty in February, it’s our Silver Whiskers Program for senior cats!  Kitties seven years of age and older are often overlooked in rescue and shelter situations—whether it’s because of their age or potential health status, adopters often gravitate toward young cats and kittens.  We would like to start to turn things around for these cats.

Our objective with Silver Whiskers is to be able to rescue and find homes for more senior cats.  We get hundreds of intake requests and only have the resources to take in a small percentage of cats.  Taking in older cats with potential and/or existing medical conditions can be even more challenging due to the finances involved.

Fortunately, one of our very special donors wanted to be the very first one to make this program a reality for senior cats in need.  Dr. Crystal Baxter has offered to match every dollar raised up to $10,000 in order to start Silver Whiskers right away—in February 2024!

A Fearless volunteer for a number of years now, Dr. Baxter is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, later becoming a prosthodontics specialist.  In addition to having her own practice and lecturing on dental implant reconstruction, Dr. Baxter has been involved in a number of organizations supporting women’s issues.  Always participating in animal welfare as well, she began volunteering at Fearless Kitty Rescue a number of years ago—even before we relocated to our present building.  Currently helping with adoptions and fundraising, you will often find ‘Fearless Chris B’ here on weekends teaming up with other volunteers to get cats adopted.

Starting on Wednesday, February 14th, (Valentine’s Day of course) you will be able to donate toward this new program.  Specifically, we are raising funds for two aspects of the program:

  1. General veterinary care, medications and prescription diets for the cats taken in through the Silver Whiskers program and
  2. Dental procedures for the cats taken in through the Silver Whiskers program.   As a dentist, this part of the program is of special interest to Dr. Baxter as she knows how important dental health is!

As the program progresses, we will be providing a special adoption package for adopters of our Silver Whiskers cats.  Additionally, we would love to encourage persons over the age of 60 to adopt our wonderful Silver Whiskers as we feel that older individuals can be specially understanding of the needs of older cats.  Most exciting of all, our Silver Whiskers cats will be available to adopters 60 years of age and older for no adoption fee (yes, you heard that right, the adoption fee is waived)!

Everyone will have the opportunity to meet the ‘Silver Whiskers’ already at the Rescue, including: Spyder, Spunky, and Patches.  Milton and Moth are in the program as well, just currently in foster care.  And, as more seniors enter the Rescue, they will also be featured on our Silver Whiskers website page.

We hope to be able to match Dr. Baxter’s amazing $10,000 donation during the month of February, but this fundraiser will be ongoing…