Foster Volunteers Teammates Wanted

We need you on our team! Saving lives and especially, fostering, is so rewarding.  Fostering gives a kitty a time to shine and to feel what a real home is like.  Fearless Kitty Rescue(FKR) will provide all the supplies you will need while our foster kitty is in your care. Fostering is flexible and isn’t a lifetime commitment.  It’s a commitment to save a life.  As our teammate, you are helping make another family’s home complete someday. Foster volunteers must have a genuine concern for kitty welfare consistent with FKR’s philosophy and must be at least 18 years old to foster for FKR.

Types of Volunteer Fosters Wanted

Neonatal Fostering – EKT(Emergency Kitten Technician):  kittens not eating on their own (bottle feeding) or having a nursing momma.  Must be able to feed every 4 hours.

Kitten Fostering – Kittens eating on their own and are two-plus weeks away from being ready for adoption.

Socialization – Kittens or adults that need socialization to become adoptable or more adoptable.

Special Needs Fostering – FIV+, FeLV+, kittens or adults that need medical care or daily observation.

Staycations – A break from the rescue for a minimum of four weeks.

Hospice Care – Kittens or adults that have developed a terminal illness, love, and care is needed until they cross over the rainbow bridge.

Ready to become a Fearless Foster?   Fill out our online application or stop by our shelter and complete an application. Once processed, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

FKR reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason..


DOB – 10/9/11

Hi, I’m Cha Cha, a petite, 7-year-old black kitty. Let me share with you why I need a huge break.  First, I survived Hurricane Harvey… yeah, just on that alone, please come get me! Second, after being housed in a Texas shelter cramped with all the other animals who survived the storm, in the middle of the night I was driven to Arizona in an SUV with 28 other kitties. To say the least, I’m a pretty tough little girl.  I don’t remember what a home feels like before the hurricane. I became Fearless in 2017 and have been at the rescue for over 705 days.  The volunteers at the rescue are proper servants but I need to brush up on my socialization skills outside of the rescue so I can pull out my true personality. Gotta couch?  I need some good therapy!

I need a foster who would love to read to me and have lots of one on one time with me. I need a foster with a lot of love and patience. I get along with other kitties if there is a proper, slow introduction. I am so looking forward to a long overdue vacation.

Click HERE to foster Cha Cha!


DOB – 5/9/2018

Our beautiful London was the mother of five babies, all her kittens are on their way to getting adopted. Now it’s young London’s turn for lots of TLC. London is a beautiful gray and white petite kitty. She is one year old. She needs some socialization and a place to let her personality shine. She needs a foster home with an experienced socializer.

London and her babies came to be Fearless back in May from a shelter where their future was uncertain. When we got the young family, they immediately went into a foster so we could monitor the kittens and the young mother.

A foster home would help London get a feel for what a home is supposed to be like. She more than likely hasn’t had a home of her own and would love the safety and comfort of one.

London has been at the rescue for over 90 days.

Click HERE to foster London II!


DOB – 3/14/14

Hi, my name is Monet. I could use a vacation and a little break from my roommates. We call these “Staycations”. I have been Fearless for over 879 days. I’m a 5-year-old brown and white tabby with the most amazing eyes, so I’ve been told. I’m a very sweet, lovable girl. I do prefer it to be in a quieter home and maybe a little shy at first, but don’t worry, I warm up quickly with lots of petting. I will love to play in my new surroundings. I get along with other kitties as long as you allow us to slowly introduce ourselves

Click HERE to foster Monet!


DOB – 7/14/2018

At the rescue over 135 days



Must go to Foster together.

Hi, we are Marius and Journey and we could use a break from the Rescue.

I’m Journey, my “brother”, Marius, is my best friend, we love hanging out together. I was born blind and was found living on the streets when I was a baby. I met my “brother”, Marius at Fearless Kitty Rescue, when I became Fearless.

Marius has been around a dog before and says they make great friends too.

I love to chase my rattle mice and ping pong balls and Marius loves to watch me play and keep an eye on me.

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Journey & Marius


DOB – 6/14/14

At the rescue over 400 days