Foster Volunteers Teammates Wanted

We need you on our team! Saving lives and especially, fostering, is so rewarding.  Fostering gives a kitty a time to shine and to feel what a real home is like.  Fearless Kitty Rescue(FKR) will provide all the supplies you will need while our foster kitty is in your care. Fostering is flexible and isn’t a lifetime commitment.  It’s a commitment to save a life.  As our teammate, you are helping make another family’s home complete someday. Foster volunteers must have a genuine concern for kitty welfare consistent with FKR’s philosophy and must be at least 18 years old to foster for FKR.

Types of Volunteer Fosters Wanted

Neonatal Fostering – EKT(Emergency Kitten Technician):  kittens not eating on their own (bottle feeding) or having a nursing momma.  Must be able to feed every 4 hours.

Kitten Fostering – Kittens eating on their own and are two-plus weeks away from being ready for adoption.

Socialization – Kittens or adults that need socialization to become adoptable or more adoptable.

Special Needs Fostering – FIV+, FeLV+, kittens or adults that need medical care or daily observation.

Staycations – A break from the rescue for a minimum of four weeks.

Hospice Care – Kittens or adults that have developed a terminal illness, love, and care is needed until they cross over the rainbow bridge.

Ready to become a Fearless Foster?   Click HERE to complete our Foster Application Form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

FKR reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason..



Tommy is a beautiful and gentle under-socialized kitty in need of a cat-savvy foster to give him the time to become confident in his awesomeness. His previous short-term foster mom, Jenny, had this to say about him: Tommy is the sweetest, softest cat and will love you forever when he feels relaxed and safe. He likes cozy spaces to sleep in, where he also has a birds-eye view, and loves to watch the world go by! Once he trusts you, snack time will be a joy when he eats from your hand, and small pets under his chin will turn into belly rubs.

Tommy is intelligent and will enjoy watching wildlife videos with you! He would do well in a relatively quiet home. When he is feeling playful, (often at night) he likes to bat things on the end of a wand-toy, and likes to do a little prowling.

This gorgeous four-year old needs a foster home to help him come out of his shell. With oodles of love and patience, we know he will thrive and be able to find his forever home. And, as always, Tommy is available for adoption any time!