Fearless Kitty Fosters

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Fearless Foster!

We need you on our team! Saving lives and especially, fostering, is so rewarding. Fostering gives a kitty a time to shine and to feel what a real home is like.

Fearless Kitty Rescue (FKR) will provide all the supplies you will need while our foster kitty is in your care. Fostering is flexible and isn’t a lifetime commitment. It’s a commitment to save a life. As our teammate, you are helping make another family’s home complete someday.

Foster volunteers must have a genuine concern for kitty welfare consistent with FKR’s philosophy and must be at least 18 years old to foster for FKR.

Types of Volunteer Fosters Wanted

Neonatal Fostering – EKT (Emergency Kitten Technician):  kittens not eating on their own (bottle feeding) or having a nursing momma.  Must be able to feed every 4 hours.

Kitten Fostering – Kittens eat on their own and are two-plus weeks away from being ready for adoption.

Special Needs Fostering – FIV+, FeLV+, kittens, or adults that need medical care or daily observation.

Staycations – A break from the rescue for a minimum of two weeks.

Socialization/BehaviourSocialization fosters provide opportunities for shy cats or kittens to become more comfortable in a home setting and interact with people. Behavior fosters assist cats and kittens with behavioral issues that can be improved with one-on-one interactions and training.

Hospice Care – Kittens or adults that have developed a terminal illness, love, and care are needed until they cross over the rainbow bridge.

Apply to Become a Fearless Foster!

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FKR reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason.

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