Fearless Kitty Rescue Annual Reports and Financials

Fearless Kitty Rescue believes in financial transparency and fiscal responsibility to that end we rely on community support and use your donations as efficiently as possible.

Annual Reports*
2023 Annual Report
2022 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report

990 Financial Reports*
2023 I.R.S. Form 990
2022 I.R.S. Form 990
2021 I.R.S. Form 990

*Previous years available upon request

I.R.S. Letter of Determination
I.R.S. Letter of Determination

Asilomar Reports
Asilomar 2023
2023 Live Release Rate* – 96%
Asilomar Report 2022
2022 Live Release Rate* – 97%
Asilomar Report 2021
2021 Live Release Rate* – 97%

(Live Release Rate is calculated by dividing live outcomes by total outcomes)