Lost or Found Cats

Fearless Kitty Rescue has partnered with Petco Love Lost as a resource for lost and found animals.
Post the found or lost cat/kitten on Petco Love Lost

Lost a Cat

We are so sorry to hear that your cat is lost.

  • Thoroughly search your home and yard.
  • Search your neighborhood thoroughly.  Cats often become scared and simply find a hiding place and stay put.
  • Use a flashlight to look under every deck and porch, in every shed, and in any other place your cat may hide.
  • If allowed, place flyers with a photo and contact information in the neighborhood.
  • If the cat is chipped, contact the microchip company to report your cat missing and make sure your contact information is up to date.
  • Report your lost kitty on Petco Love Lost
  • Check the local rescues and adoption centers.

Found a Cat

It’s not always easy to determine if the cat is lost or not.

  • Find a location to scan for a microchip.
  • Report it on Petco Love Lost
  • Speak to your neighbors
  • Post on Social Media and in local town Facebook groups

Other Resources

We hope that your cat is found or comes home.

Other resources:

  • Nextdoor
  • Maricopa County Animal Control

Use Social Media

DON’T GIVE UP! Be aggressive in your search, get lots of help, get the word out right away
DON’T wait a few hours “to see if they’ll come home on their own