Surrendering Your Cat or a Stray

Intake is by appointment only at our rescue in Fountain Hills, AZ.

We receive hundreds of intake requests each month, but unfortunately, we can only take in a small percentage of those cats.  If you own a cat that you need to surrender, whether it is to us or another organization, it would be beneficial if you could ensure that the cat is up to date on core vaccines, spayed/neutered, and any ongoing medical issue(s) have been addressed  – or if you are able to make a donation toward the cat’s medical care.  These steps can make it easier for us to accommodate taking your cat.

Once a Fearless Kitty, always a Fearless Kitty….if this surrender is a previously adopted Fearless Kitty, please complete the intake request and indicate that it is a Fearless Kitty, and we will contact you to arrange for the return of the kitty.

We are sorry that you are in a position of having to rehome your cat.  Many shelters and rescues limit their intake of owner surrenders. We suggest trying to rehome your pet by utilizing social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Next Door, or Rehome by Adopt-A-Pet. You may find additional help on our Resource page. Be sure to check with your family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors, they may be interested in adopting your pet.

Cats or kittens being considered must meet on intake with the Intake Team Member for behavior/medical evaluation and must meet the following criteria:

– Be friendly with humans (must enjoy being handled; we are unable to take feral cats).
– Be friendly with other cats.
– Be behaviorally and medically healthy. No contagious disease (FeLV, ringworm, etc.)
– No history of biting.

Please be as thorough as possible when answering the questions below.


Thank you for submitting your request.  Our team will review it, and you should receive a response within 72 hours.  If you do not receive a reply, please check your spam folder. We are asked to take in 3,500 kitties a year, and while we want to take them all, we simply can’t.

After completing our intake request, please continue to look for placement with another group.

We know that surrendering a cat can be an emotional experience, but with limited resources, we cannot provide individual updates regarding their status.  If you would like updates, please sign up for our monthly newsletter, follow us on Social Media, or check out our *Adopted Fearless Kitties* page. Thank you for understanding.

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    The cat is comfortable around the following?* (check all that apply)
    How did you hear about Fearless Kitty Rescue?* (check all that apply)
    By electronically signing below, I acknowledge and agree that I am voluntarily irrevocably relinquishing ownership and custody of this cat to Fearless Kitty Rescue. I agree to immediately transfer all custody and ownership rights to Fearless Kitty Rescue.* Entering your name in the above box constitutes your electronic signature