From Magic’s forever family: In August of 2013, “Magic” was brought to a Petco adoption location where I was volunteering.  For 2 weeks, I cared for him and watched as he was passed by over and over again for adoption. Every time I came in to care FOR Magic I began to care more ABOUT Magic.  I had one kitty at the time and was not looking to adopt another kitty, but there was something about this kitty that was truly magic for me.

So, after 2 weeks I asked to if it would be okay to give Magic a trial run with my other cat, DeDe. We agreed that I would foster him for a few weeks to see if it would work for both kitties. Well, guess what? It didn’t really work, not at first, anyway. When I brought Magic home, DeDe looked at me like “What is this thing you have brought into my home and why is it trying to get my attention?”  Magic was small and DeDe was big, and she wanted to let him know who was the boss of the house. She was not very ladylike. I separated Magic in a room away from DeDe. For about 2 months I let them smell and see each other, but not have any contact. Magic was very happy to see DeDe, but DeDe still wasn’t having any part of it.

Fast forward 4 years later…DeDe still doesn’t love Magic, but she does tolerate him. I even think she likes him, but she would never let me know that.  There are times when I catch the two of them lying close to each other. I think DeDe has learned that she can share her space with another kitty and it’s going to be okay.  As for Magic, he has made these past 4 years even more magical than I ever thought. I’m so happy I adopted him!