Republic Services $10,000 grant funds have been committed to providing even more services to our local community.  With these funds, we will be able to do the following:

•  Help locate lost cats
•  Take in the lost or abandoned cats you find in your neighborhoods or in your yard
•  Reunite found/stray cats with their owners
•  Adopt out cats without owners
•  Provide advice and support on how to find your cat and how to work with the very active local groups that frequently lead the search efforts for lost cats
•  Provide a map based on reported locations of lost, stray, and found cats
•  Provide educational forums for individuals and groups in neighborhoods with a high number of instances
•  Display in our front window pictures of cats currently lost and those that have been found, but the owner has not been located

Your trust and support mean a lot to us and to the kitties.