What’s better than saving kitties? Learning about how to save even more kitties! In mid-May I, along with 12 Fearless Kitty volunteers headed to Kanab, Utah to tour and help out at Best Friends Animal Society.

The drive was breathtaking.

The view upon arrival wasn’t too shabby either.

We were immediately given a 1 1/2 hour tour of the property, which has grown to encompass nearly 3,700 acres and another 17,000 acres of state and federal land over the past 30 years.

We then attended a seminar on the trap and return (TNR) program. Fearless Kitty is a Network Partner with Best Friends and is in the running for a local grant to enable us to participate more fully in this program in the community of Fountain Hills. Here’s a sample of what we learned.

They take everything from birds (like parrots), to bunnies, to guinea pigs! There were horses to talk to.

Goats to hang out with. Even rude ones.

Piggies to pet.

Dogs to walk and play with.

And of course, kitties to to cuddle. Meet Meow, who enjoys free reign of the property.

There are lots of cat buildings, all with indoor & outdoor areas, housing kitties with FIV or feline leukemia, or possibly incontinence, some paraplegic, a few needing socialization, and some simply waiting for forever families.

First we had to work. I supervised.

Then it was time to play – my favorite part!

We did all this despite the hail, fog, sleet, and snow.

When we weren’t with animals, we were taking in the sights.

Can you believe the views from the onsite vegetarian cafe?

Best Friends has lots of super heroes who do anything for their animals.

We had a great time learning about their procedures, telling them about ours, and spending time with all their furry friends. Our off time was fun too.

Our last stop was Angel’s Rest, Best Friends cemetery interring over 5,000 beloved pets.

We found and said hi to Scully, a kitty that belonged to Jean and Rolland Lorenz and who inspired a Greg Todd statue called Hugs N’ Kitten placed at the Fountain Hills’ Community Center’s Centennial Circle in honor of “fearless kitties.”

We had a full 3 days, but we weren’t done yet! On our way back to Arizona, we jumped into rescue mode when we spotted a pregnant pooch running along the highway flanked by nothing but empty desert. It was obvious this incredibly friendly dog had been dumped. No problem! We grabbed her, named her Paige since that’s where we found her, and before we reached Phoenix, had located a vet to take care of her, a donor to help pay for it, a rescue or two to help, and a foster family to make sure the momma was cared for and the soon-to-come babies safe.

And that’s how Fearless Kitty Rescue does a road trip.



Best Friends is always open to people volunteering. So is Fearless Kitty, especially during kitten season in the summer, so if you want to volunteer with us, just give us a shout out!