“This month our kitty with the longest length of stay(L.O.S) is Marius.”

DOB: 06/14/18

Length of stay: 2 years, 10 months, 16 days…as of 5/1/2020. (1,050 days)

Nearly three years ago, Marius landed with us after being discovered in the backyard of a Fountain Hills resident. It’s a good thing Marius came to us when he did, as we discovered he has Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV+). This is not something frightening. In a nutshell, he has a weakened immune system which could make him more prone to upper respiratory infections and dental issues. But, wait…

Marius will never need any dental work because we have already taken care of all that. He had a full-mouth extraction, so goodbye to any worries on that front! He eats his dry food like a champ and exhibits tip-top health as long as……he is in a home.

“In a home” is the key phrase. Marius has not really embraced his time at Kittyville. He has been showered with love from volunteers and even had other FeLV+ cat buddies from time to time. Those kitties have since been adopted, as they had their “pick me” faces on when potential adopters arrived. Marius watched it all unfold and continued to wait for his next foster home.

Marius has been fortunate enough to receive foster care for the past several months, but that won’t last forever. During his last “staycation,” his foster reported that Marius enjoyed interactive and solo playtime. He was a “sweet, polite” little purr machine that greeted the family each morning with chirps and said goodnight at bedtime. He even carved out his own spot on the sofa. This is the side of Marius we never see at the rescue: the playful, relaxed, happy side that chirps.

The important takeaway is Marius is just like any other cat at the rescue…adoptable. He will just need to be in a home where he is either an only kitty or where another FeLV+ kitty resides. He will do fine solo or with a feline or dog buddy. (He likes dogs!) But we know for sure he is in desperate need of his own “permanent” human(s).

Are you the one that can grant this easygoing, sweetheart of a cat his only true wish?”

Meet Marius: