Kitty of the Month - May
Kitty of the Month - Shadow


My friends at Fearless Kitty Rescue asked if I would be their May cat of the month. I said, of course. After all, I am SPECIAL !

I am a 2½-year-old black male weighing in at 12 lbs. I was part of a stray colony in Mesa and lucky enough to be watched over by an experienced FKR “ finder ” who thought I would be an excellent candidate to live with humans.

Since becoming FEARLESS, I have taken it upon myself to assume responsibility as a mentor and host for my kitty friends at the rescue. I help them all: the friendly to the introverts.

No surprise, I am sweet, laid-back, and affectionate. I have even heard people call me handsome!

I was also instructed to tell you the following pertinent information. I possess a full set of credentials: vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped. I am considered large sized and I have short length hair. Clearly, I get along with other cats, but I have not been exposed to dogs (What’s a dog?).

Please visit me. I will probably be basking in the sun or looking out the window when you arrive. That is, if none of my buddies need me to show them kitty life at Fearless Kitty Rescue. Please contact FKR if you would like to learn more about me and schedule a meet and greet.

Kind kitty regards,