Catalie can almost pass for a white cat, until you see her pretty, subtle orange markings. She is a flame-point Siamese, and while she is quieter than many of her breed, she certainly has the athleticism, quick moves and beautiful blue eyes!

This lovely girl had a rough start: she was rescued from the side of a road while pregnant. Luckily, she was fostered with her kittens and became FEARLESS, and at nearly two years old, is now ready for an adoptive home. She is on the small side, with the short, strong coat of a Siamese.

Catalie has been living with several strong-willed female kitties at Kittyville and does well with other cats. She is a bit shy of quick human movements and doesn’t yet like to be picked up, but will respond eagerly to pets, chin scratches and even some tummy rubs. Some time to develop trust, and Catalie will be a special, loving friend; she’s already a friendly girl!