Each time we look at these sweet faces, we are reminded that these are the lucky ones.  There are millions of homeless cats in the United States, and while we cannot make a significant difference in the overall number, each cat we save gets us closer to a better world—a world where cats can live their lives in loving homes, free from loneliness, cruelty, and neglect.

Fearless Kitty Rescue is continuing to surpass previous years in the number of cats we rescue and adopt.  So far, in 2023, we have taken in 342 cats, and there is room to save more before the year is over.  We are grateful for your kindness and generosity, as we couldn’t have saved all these lives without your support.

Giving Tuesday is when millions of people worldwide unite in compassion to support the causes they care about most, and on November 28,  please help us help them by donating on this special day.  There’s one more special part of Giving Tuesday this year: every dollar up to $10,000 will be doubled thanks to the amazing $10,000 matching donation we have received.

With Rescue expenses reaching an average of $20,000 each month to care for the kitties, every dollar counts!  Thank you so much!

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