Live Video Feed

Our live Kitty Cam provides an opportunity to peek into what’s happening at Kittyville, in real time!

Thanks to equipment and a connection generously provided by Maddie’s Fund, you can check in on the kitties as they participate in playtime and activities scheduled throughout the week including, “Dear Catty…..Letters from Cats” and “Yoga with Cats.” Warning: once the stream loads, you may become addicted to watching our Fearless Kitties!

Gilligans Island Crew

Meet Lovey(Momma), Mary Ann, Island, Ginger & of course, Gilligan!

For the month of October we will be featuring Lovey and her kittens, stay tuned to watch their progress and fall in love.

Be sure and follow us on Facebook for up to date photos and candid shots of the Gilligans Island Crew.

We’re so proud to have the support of  Maddie’s Fund.  Yes, the organization is named after a dog, but Maddie’s Fund does so much to help cats, too.
The grants that they have given us have gone a long way to saving many Fearless Kitties. We honor and celebrate their good work.