The Holidays are here and that means plenty of decorations and fun! It is a wonderful time of year, but it is also important to remember to keep your furry friend safe during the winter festivities!

I received an email the other day from Catster that included a quick and easy list of safety tips for cat owners during the Holiday Season! It was a great reminder for myself and the Fearless Kitties thought it was a good idea for me to share with fellow cat owners!

Your Christmas tree is a beautiful way to celebrate the Holidays, but it also brings a lot of dangers to your cat!  Real or fake, make sure your tree is secure and it is a good idea to put it up in a corner. A lot of cats, especially mine, like to play with the ornaments and try to climb the tree. Your cat could get hurt, not to mention cause a huge mess!

Poinsettias and the Christmas lily are poisonous to your kitty. If you are unsure if your holiday plant will hurt your cat, call your local veterinarian. It is always best to ask when in doubt!

Keep your cat away from the kitchen when you are cooking! They can be very sneaky and try to steal a bite of the goods! Many foods will upset your kitty’s tummy or cause other issues, especially chocolate. It is best to just keep your kitty away when working in the kitchen!

We all love to see our cats dressed up in cute festive costumes! Some cats can tolerate this better than others. Know your cat and do not force your pet into a costume or stress them out! Remember, dress up is supposed to be fun for both of you!

It is always nice to light your fireplace or candles to warm up during those chilly winter nights! Make sure to keep your furry friend away from the flames. They can easily singe their fur if they get too close.

Of course we all love cats and think that everyone else does too. We also think that everyone needs one and wants one in their life! Keep in mind, adopting a kitty is a huge commitment. It is not a good idea to give a kitty as a present. You can adopt one of our amazing Fearless Kitties ANYTIME of year.  Just make sure the timing is right and you are completely committed to adding a new family member.

It is a wonderful time of year to have friends and family over for gatherings! Be sure to alert guests that you have an animal. Keep in mind that some people could be allergic. Also, it is best to let your guests know so that they watch when they open the front door, we don’t want kitty escaping! My cat, like many others, loves to get into any beverage he can get his paws on. Keep beverages out of reach so that your cat doesn’t sneak a sip or knock them over!

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Fearless Kitty Rescue wishes everyone and their animals a very happy and safe Holiday season!