Smiles for Kitties

Fearless Kitty Rescue’s Dental Disease Awareness Month

Normally(ha! what’s normal in the world today), Dental Disease Awareness Month is held in February. But recently we have taken in four kitties that require dental surgery for long-lasting overall health. As you know, when any dental disease goes untreated, it can lead to discomfort, pain, and other medical issues.

We are proud to be a pro-active rescue therefore when we have a cat in need of dental work we do not hesitate to act! Some of these cases are more severe than others, but we are dedicated to improving the lives of all the cats in our care so that when their adopter comes in they are healthy and ready for adoption. We’re having quite a few kitties who need dentals done on them, unfortunately, we find a lot of strays and older kitties end up with severe dental disease and we need to give them care before we release them to their new homes.

Dental procedures can be pretty steep for most people so we don’t want to put a financial burden on an adopter if we can avoid it. So far this year 14 kitties have had dental procedures at a cost of $4275. More are on the way, this is where you can help.

Donate below your contribution helps them on their journey to dental health & happiness.