Fearless Paws Plans

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Read about our Fearless Paws plans below and see what your recurring donation can do for this rescue. Simply select a dollar amount to become a regular Fearless Kitty supporter.

Bobcat Paws: $10 per month

We always need quality food, infant formula, bottles, litter, over-the-counter medical items, and more. Your contribution keeps Kittyville and our foster homes well equipped.

Panther Paws: $25 per month

Kittyville is where our kitties live until they are ready to go to their forever home.  It is free roaming and furnished with comfortable bedding, play areas, and plenty of toys.  Your gift keeps our center safe and updated, and allows for future expansion.

Tiger Paws: $50 per month

Every kitty that comes through our doors receives a wellness visit with our private practice veterinarian and core vaccinations.   Your support here enables us to provide the best medical care possible for these kitties.

Lion Paws: Other Donation

Often cats and kittens come to us with life-threatening disease or injuries. The expense can be great and must come out of our regular operating fund.  Your generosity here will help create a fund that is always available for emergency services.