Dearest Fearless Kitty Supporters:


Since we began our campaign this past June, so many of our designated PUSH ME FORWARD kitties have found forever homes. This is because YOU have cared, and have handed out, emailed, and forwarded our Push Me Forward Kitty cards, helping us reach new potential adopters.

NOW we are asking for JUST ONE MORE PUSH FORWARD. Won’t you help us find homes for these seven kitties in time for New Years.

It’s easy. All you have to do is ‘grab a card below and FORWARD it to a friend, asking them to do the same. You can also come in to Fearless Kitty Rescue and pick up a free Push Me Forward Kitty Card to physically pass along to a friend, a colleague, a member of your church or organization. You never know when the right person will see the kitty of their dreams.

Help us with One More Push in 2019 and rejoice this Holiday Season in knowing you have helped to save a life.