We need your help! Can you help us get them adopted by pushing them forward?

What do you mean “Push Me Forward”?  Well… below are pictures of kitties we want to “push” out of the rescue this month, we want them adopted. All YOU need to do is download their picture and push them forward by posting on your Facebook, Nextdoor, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media account you have.

You don’t do social media? Well, that’s okay because we are making “kitten cards” to hand out, all you need to do is take the cards to your Bunko group, your golf buddies, your book club, or even happy hour at your favorite spot. Share with your friends, patrons in the coffee shop, and hand one to your mailperson. Think of all the places you can show off your “virtual foster” by handing out their kitten card!  Stop by Fearless Kitty Rescue today and pick up your “kitten cards”.