Would you like to name a Fearless Kitten? Perhaps honor or remember a loved one?  You know you’ve always wanted to name a litter of kittens after your favorite candy, band, towns in your state… get creative.  Here’s your chance to have some fun.  Your donation of $25 allows you to name one kitten while a donation of $50 will get you a litter of 2 -9 (including Mom) to name.  Go crazy… name a singleton and a couple of litters!

All donations will go towards the cost of covering our tiny little kittens’ care, including wellness exams, spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchips, plus their day-to-day needs of food, litter, and toys for entertainment.

The comment section at the bottom of this page is a great place to leave those names!

*DISCLAIMER: Please use appropriate names by keeping it PG and fun as inappropriate names will be discarded. For naming a litter, we encourage including a theme along with provided names, so if there are more kittens than names, we can still use your theme to name the remainder of a litter! It might take us some time to get through the entire list of kitten names, so please be patient, we promise your kitten and litter names will be used!

REMEMBER!  Enter your kitten names in the comment section below.  Thank you.