Check out our live 24/7 Fearless Kitten cam provided by! In this shot the kittens are sleeping but we have activities scheduled throughout the week including “Reading with Cats” and “Yoga with Cats.” So click the link below or the image above to become addicted to watching our Fearless Kitties!

Kitten Cam

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We’re so proud to have the support of Maddie’s Fund! Yes, they are named after a dog, but that doesn’t matter as all animals are important and they do so much to help cats as well as dogs. The grants that they have given us in the past have gone a long way to save many Fearless Kitties. We want to give them a shout out so that more people will know the amazing things they do.




Here are some of our recent adoption pics.

Check out these happy new families!

We were featured in FH Times Magazine!

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About FKR

Fearless Kitty Rescue is a non-profit, no kill rescue that is dedicated to finding homes for homeless and abandoned cats of all ages. The organization is funded one hundred percent by donations and is compiled of dedicated volunteers.

At Fearless Kitty Rescue, we believe with dedication, time and patience we can all work together to find the best homes for these animals. We would not be able to save as many kitties as we do without all of the dedication from our volunteers. FKR was founded on the belief and hope that all cats and kittens will have a chance at a happy, healthy and FEARLESS life.

The inspiration behind our logo is simple. We came across a photo of one of our very own fearless kitties, Karma. She was outside, with her chin held high and standing FEARLESSLY. It was the perfect display of a Fearless Kitty. Since the photo, she has been adopted to a loving home, but continues to inspire the mission behind Fearless Kitty Rescue.

When our cats are not in loving foster homes, they are kept at Kittyville, our free-roaming adoption center. Here, cats can start to socialize with other cats and our volunteers. It is a great way to let the cats’ personality really shine!

Karma- our inspiration
Karma- our inspiration

Our mission is to save the lives of stray and abandoned cats and kittens, particularly those being held in high-kill shelters not served by other rescue groups, or those needing rescue from the desert environment, and to provide nurturing transitional care, veterinary and spay/neuter services, behavior training, community outreach and education, and to secure the adoption of those kitties into loving, forever homes.


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