Looking to do some shopping?  Our kitten wishlist was built for the care and love of our kitties.  Each item on the list keeps them happy and healthy while waiting for their new family. Our Kitten Wishlist button takes you to a printable version of the list and the Shop Amazon button will take you to the wishlist on Amazon.  When shopping online, Amazon can ship the items direct to Fearless Kitty Rescue. Don’t forget! Shop AmazonSmile and make us your non-profit to support.

If you prefer to drop off your donation we do have a outdoor deck box in front of our building that can accept most donations.  Any over-sized donations please contact us for arrangements.

If shopping isn’t your thing and you would still like to help how about purchasing some kitten food, a vaccine, or microchipping.  Below is our donate button, chose an option or create your own, all funding will go into the care and well-being of the kitties.

If you need assistance or have questions on donations, please email our Event Coordinator and someone will get back to you during normal business hours.