Kitty of the Month


Sunday is a super sweet, elegant, quiet 3-year old with mesmerizing eyes and a soft way about her. She’s poised, interested in others and is looking for a place to call her own….all her own….and a human family to appreciate her sweet demeanor. A bit like Audrey Hepburn.

Her previous owners decided to move without her, and she came to FKR as an abandoned pregnant gal. After successfully adopting out her four kittens, she’s ready for a loving home as the only cat.

However, when taking a stroll on the Avenue, safely in her stroller, she doesn’t appear to mind dogs… she observes and seems interested when they get to sniffing her “ride”.

She’s quietly playful, loves to lap sit and is lovely all the way around. Sunday would be just perfect for any household—she can hold her own with boisterousness as well as perk up anyone who comes home from work in search of a sweet pick-me-up.

Her favorite book is Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.

Her favorite rainy day activity: Putting her books in order by the Dewey system, then thoughtfully rearranging them according to when she bought them….

Favorite drink: herbal tea

Favorite sport: golf or better yet, watching golf with you (or, The Crown….)

IMG 0344

Her favorite song: Monday, Monday by the Mamas and the Papas—but with her name (Sunday) in place of Monday:

Sunday, Sunday, so good to me
Sunday, Sunday, you’re all I hoped you would be
On Sunday morning, you gave me no warning and cuddled with me…..
Oh Sunday, Sunday, we met and then you rescued me……
Every other cat, every other cat is fine…… yeah

But when Sunday purrs, but when Sunday purrs, she’s got me smiling all of the time

Sunday, Sunday how could I leave (FKR) and not take you with me?

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