Kitty of the Month



Is your home a little too quiet, a little bit lonely? Are you tired of watching TV all alone? Do you need a soft snuggle to help you start the day off right?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jackie. I am a beautiful ginger girl who is looking for a lap; not just any old lap, one that feels like home. I’m looking for a lasting relationship, a gentle hand, and a permanent home.

I’m a lovely, demure girl, with a sweet personality and a quiet disposition. I have been a resident of Kittyville for over a year now and in big need of friendship and security.

Are you patient and kind? Thoughtful, and tender-hearted? Are you willing to allow me to take some time to know you better, get to feel comfortable in my new surroundings? If so, it looks like today is your lucky day, because I’m looking for someone just like YOU!

I have so much to offer someone like you. I won’t be in your face, I know what stress is all about; after all I just turned 6. I’m still young and curious with my whole life ahead of me. I’d just like to be near you and watch the things you do. I will enjoy quiet time with you where we can simply talk about our day, while you brush me; in return I”ll snuggle with you, brush me again and I’ll I roll over for more.

I offer you my loyalty, quiet companionship and unobtrusive affection in exchange for being loved and cared for by you.

Do we sound like a match made in heaven?  Do you love me already?  Just give me a call so we can meet.

Ask for the beautiful Ginger girl, they will know who I am.  I can’t wait to start the rest of my life being cherished by you.



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