Give “Chance” a 2nd Chance!


In April we received an urgent plea for help from Pinal County Animal Care and Control. They had a kitty surrendered to them for euthanasia due to medical reasons. It was explained to the Pinal staff by the owner that he is about a year old and has medical issues going on with his teeth and ears that would cost thousands of dollars to be treated and they did not want to pay to get him healthy again. Upon further evaluation, staff was unable to identify anything severely wrong with his teeth. However, his ears were dirty and beat up. They thought it might possibly be due to ear mites. Pinal County doesn’t have a veterinarian on staff but knew he was a very friendly and happy cat that they believed could be saved. We, of course, immediately made arrangements to bring him to Fearless Kitty Rescue and named him “Chance” since he had been given a 2nd chance.

Upon his arrival it was quite obvious to us that he had something major going on with his skin. Additionally, our veterinarian did determine that Chance is actually approximately 8 years old and will need a full mouth extraction due to severe stomatitis. We know this is going to be be very costly, but as a no-kill rescue, saving the lives of kitties like Chance is what we do. He has an appointment to see a kitty dermatologist and his dental surgery will happen next month. We are starting a fund to help cover some or all of the approximate $1,000 needed to pay for Chance’s medical expenses.  Any and all donations for Chance are greatly appreciated. Thank you, we couldn’t do this without you.

We are determined to make him the handsome boy that we know he can be. Chance lets us know every day how grateful he is to us and how happy he is to be getting his 2nd chance!